Cheap Eats: Bellaggio Pizzeria


Big flavor. Small bill.

This week’s special edition of Cheap Eats is on a Bournemouth staple, Bellagio Pizzeria where their lunch specials will only set you back a measly £6 for a small garden salad and an entree.

You can pick your entree from a small selection of pizzas or pastas or two types of calzones.

My choice?

Penne Pollo e Pancetta (below). A delicious combination of penne pasta sauteed with red onion, mushroom, roasted pepper, pancetta, and grilled chicken.

I was torn between this and the Spaghetti a la Carbonara, but my craving for veggies won out (though I will go back and try the Spaghetti).

Penne Pollo e Pancetta
Penne Pollo e Pancetta | £6

The penne was cooked perfectly and well seasoned, the chicken was juicy, and for being a cream-based pasta, the dish was surprisingly light.

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My cousin, who hadn’t eaten anything all day, had eyes wider than her stomach and ordered the calzone (above) (which is essentially a pizza folded over and baked) and my aunt ordered the Verdura Mista Pizza (above). Neither were particularly outstanding (come on, I’m from New York now, I know good pizza) but considering they were only £6, I can’t really complain.

After we finished our entrees, my cousin and I somehow still had room for dessert, so we went to see what flavors they had available. My choices? Coffee, Vanilla, and the British favorite, Banoffee (I am told this is a banana/toffee combination?).

Vanilla, Banoffee, and Coffee Gelato | £3.95
Vanilla, Banoffee, and Coffee Gelato | £3.95

The Vanilla and Coffee were great, but the Banoffee ended up tasting too much like artificial banana (think: that hard banana-shaped candy that no one likes). My aunt happily finished the rest.

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