Hi, I’m Sabrina.

I’m a graduate student (I love school & student debt!), a communications assistant (I like to talk!), and self-proclaimed foodie (I like to take pictures of my food & eat it!).

Empty Plates is a blog borne out of a class assignment. This Spring I am required to write a minimum of eight blog posts about a topic that I like. Food was the obvious choice, since I already photograph it, talk about it, and eat it all the time. Though I do not think it will be very hard to write eight blog posts, I do think it will be hard to write eight blog posts that anyone would find interesting other than myself. Nevertheless I hope that you enjoy clicking through photos as I discover the amazing food culture of New York City, the Bay Area, and more. I love to get recommendations from people on what and where to eat, so please comment or tweet if you feel so inclined.

The concept of this blog (which you will see, I will have already deviated from for the first two posts, forgive me) is empty plates. I can’t say that this idea is 100% my own, in fact it was presented to me on two occasions, first in a Korean drama titled “Let’s Eat” and then suggested again by roommate while we shared paella. Hence, another not entirely original idea about the true sign of a delicious meal being not what it looks like before it is devoured, but after*.

*A/N: Don’t worry, you will still see photos of what the dishes looked like before. I will not deprive you of that 🙂

Happy eating!

Sabrina (Empty Plates)

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