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Pojangmacha 포장마차

FACT: The best food is in the sketchiest of places.

(I’m really getting the hang of this empty plates thing!)

Last week, around this time, I was in the Bay Area, revisiting my old stomping grounds and eating at my favorite haunts. It was my last full day in the Bay so my best friend/roommate and I thought it would be a good idea to make this last day count.

We ended up starting with drinks and food at one of our favorite Korean dive bars, affectionately named, “Porno Palace.” Porno Palace, which is formally known as Dan Sung Sa (links to the LA location), is known for serving anju (aka tapas) but really should more appropriately be called “the best friggin thing to eat with drinks” food.

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The Enlightening Burger Experience

Eureka! Berkeley

Disappointingly not In-n-Out.

I titled this post “The Enlightening Burger Experience” because that’s what Eureka wrote on its about page. And for all I know, this could be true as Eureka! is known for its beer and its burgers.

Except, I didn’t try their burgers. Not for lack of trying–I did go in there with an intent to try one of their burgers, but the issue was that I wasn’t hungry enough. And that I was secretly hoping I could get In-N-Out later that day. Because, let’s be honest, the only way I can see eating a burger as an “enlightening burger experience” is if I spend less than $5 on a double-double and french fries from In-n-Out.

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Defending the American Table

Bubby’s Highline

Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits.
Grapefruit Toddy | $14

I love biscuits. I love bread. I love basically any baked carb (ask my friends and they’ll confirm this).

But biscuits…

But biscuits are my weakness. Whenever I see that word on a menu, I order it, no questions asked. If I see it in a description of another dish, I’ll ask if they can put a biscuit on the side, even if I’m already eating fries. I eat too many carbs. Sue me.

In fact, biscuits are one of the reasons I discovered Bubby’s. Bubby’s may actually be the first official brunch I ever had in NYC. I can’t remember, nor do I really care to remember. All I remember are the biscuits. The flaky, buttery, utterly-delectable biscuits of Bubby’s.

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