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Bad Boba


Cute concept. Gimmicky Execution.

I am the biggest fan of bubble (pearl/milk/boba) tea. There was a period of time in college when I had boba every single day straight for two full semesters (it was a dark time).

I even took this BuzzFeed quiz which only further confirmed my unhealthy obsession with the stuff.

I am such a fan of boba that I managed to convert my aunt and cousin (whom I was visiting this past week) to boba drinkers/lovers as well. So when we decided to go to London, dim sum and bubble tea was a no-brainer combination.

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Sourdough Starter

Levain Bakery

Arguably the best cookies in New York City.

Whenever someone comes to visit me or when I have brunch on the Upper West Side, Levain Bakery is a regular stop on the way back home.

But how did Levain get its name?

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