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Holes in the Wall


Round two. London style.

I’ve never waited so long for dim sum.

The Californian in me is used to early brunches (early enough that they should probably be called breakfast) and dim sum is no exception. Dim sum can start as early as 9 a.m. with most of the morning crowd arriving by 11:00 a.m.

That was not the case of Overseas Chinese or, in fact, any dim sum restaurant in London’s Chinatown. Everything was closed – boba shops (understandably), dim sum restaurants, and even the Chinese buffets! The only two things open were Chinese bakeries (which nearly tempted us into spoiling our appetites) and cafés.

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Dim Sum for Beginners

Jing fong

Dim Sum. New York style.

One does not simply eat dim sum alone. Well, actually one can, but when typical orders of a dumpling or dish come in threes or fours, it’s very easy to get full without trying much of the menu. So when one of my grad school classmates offered to get dim sum with me before meeting to work on our project, I jumped at the chance. Continue reading Dim Sum for Beginners