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Bad Boba


Cute concept. Gimmicky Execution.

I am the biggest fan of bubble (pearl/milk/boba) tea. There was a period of time in college when I had boba every single day straight for two full semesters (it was a dark time).

I even took this BuzzFeed quiz which only further confirmed my unhealthy obsession with the stuff.

I am such a fan of boba that I managed to convert my aunt and cousin (whom I was visiting this past week) to boba drinkers/lovers as well. So when we decided to go to London, dim sum and bubble tea was a no-brainer combination.

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The Enlightening Burger Experience

Eureka! Berkeley

Disappointingly not In-n-Out.

I titled this post “The Enlightening Burger Experience” because that’s what Eureka wrote on its about page. And for all I know, this could be true as Eureka! is known for its beer and its burgers.

Except, I didn’t try their burgers. Not for lack of trying–I did go in there with an intent to try one of their burgers, but the issue was that I wasn’t hungry enough. And that I was secretly hoping I could get In-N-Out later that day. Because, let’s be honest, the only way I can see eating a burger as an “enlightening burger experience” is if I spend less than $5 on a double-double and french fries from In-n-Out.

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